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Raising Teens Foundation provides access to a wide range of programs, presentations, and workshops focused on educating students, parents and adult influencers in our schools and communities on adolescent mental health and wellness. Parent and student presentations include discussions about current trends and topics relevant to teen culture and adolescent behavior and provide applicable and actionable tools to help parents, teachers and students cope during the often turbulent teenage years. Detailed topical information is available upon inquiry.

Presentation topics will focus on a variety of adolescent mental health issues, including;

Social Media and Bullying

Increasing Communication & Fostering Resiliency

Raising Empathetic Children

Behavorial Parenting Today's Teen

Technology Addiction

Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

Adolescent Anxiety



Request a Speaker or a Presentation

Raising Teens provides sponsored speakers and programs to local and regional schools and groups who have limited (or non-existent) funding sources to pay for comprehensive parent and student mental health and wellness education. To request a presentation to your school or organization please contact us to complete the qualification form: hi@raisingteensfoundation.org.

Raising Teens Foundation is a fiscally-sponsored program of Charitable Ventures of Orange County (501c3) 20-8756660

Our programs

Parenting Presentations

Teacher/Staff Development Seminars

Community Workshops

 Student/School Presentations

We provide ongoing education, advice and coping skills to parents and the community while also promoting better mental health and wellness for teenagers.